Taking action to have the best possible user-adoption is key to the successful implementation of new technology. This calls for a solid understanding of people, their motivation and business processes.

Because we have experienced at first hand that any project, system or infrastructure can only deliver the expected benefits if the initiative is sufficiently supported by the organization, we invest a significant amount of our time with stakeholders within the organisation to create leverage.


Using our Collaborindex benchmark methodology we help our clients visualize and understand their current processes and available toolbox.

We take this inventory to the next level and develop a road-map for change. At a later stage we support our clients with the implementation of the change process.


We help businesses select and implement the most seamless and collaborative processes supported by the most suitable collaborative technology.

Because we are 100% independent from suppliers we can help our clients define an objective "program of requirements" for a solution shortlist. Finally we help our clients select and implement the appropriate and selected tools for improved collaboration.

Our agnostic approach is often supported by one or a variety of the following tools:

  • Collaboration tools [CRM, ERP, DMS, Enterprise social media, Intranet]
  • Private clouds: mrNAS
  • Collaborindex: a company benchmark for collaborative technologies
  • Video and web-conferencing

Automating your business processes, using the tools you use every day!

VBA Development Services in Geneva | Our Approach

We are VBA developers of Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, Excel Business Reports, Excel Dashboards and Business Models.

How We Build

We build quickly and react on customer feedback. Our goal is to win customers by building what they want. We deliver just what customers need and eliminate anything they don’t.

Functionality comes first

We spend a considerable amount of time with the client to make sure all requirements are identified ahead of any development. These requirements are translated into a functional map which forms the basis of the functional development.

Interface Design finishes it off

A compelling and effective Interface design is the key to great user adoption. We develop and implement the interface from A to Z, real screen designs that you are going to use. When the interface is right, the application is right.